Recent Projects

[See our demo reel page for video examples from some of these projects!]

The Habitable Planet

A thirteen-part series that teaches a systems approach to environmental science.  The program follows scientists around the planet engaged in groundbreaking research on the Earth and how our species interacts with it.  Online editorial, music composition and interactive development by Treble Cove. Now playing on the Annenberg Channel!

Climate Change: Our Global Experiment

An interactive video exhibit invites you to make policy decisions which could impact the Earth’s climate over the next 50 years.  Both the video and interactive components were done by Treble Cove, and the piece is accompanied by extensive print materials developed by the Harvard Center for the Environment. On display now at the Harvard Museum of Natural History!

NOVA: The Deadliest Plane Crash

This episode of NOVA examines the lessons the aviation industry learned (and didn’t learn) from the 1977 runway disaster at Tenerife which killed 583 people.  Nitris online and color correction by Douglas Plante. Available now from WGBH!

CES EssentialVisions

This DVD, co-produced by the Coalition of Essential Schools and the Harvard Smithsonian Science Media Group, showcases real-world examples of school reform in action, based on the Coalition’s “10 Common Principles”.  Through student interviews, guided school tours, and classroom footage from urban, rural, public and charter schools, we see how the program is having a positive impact on students of all walks of life.  Offline editorial, online editorial, color correction and sound mix by Treble Cove. Available now from the Coalition of Essential Schools!

Last Season

This documentary short examines three unique individuals sharing the uncertainties and hardships of the fishing industry in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Online editing, color correction, sound mix, and title design by Treble Cove. Available now in the catalog for Documentary Education Resources!